Tuesday, February 21, 2012

At the Hop

I have a 10 page paper that was assigned one week ago. It was going to be due today, but thankfully my teacher's pretty rad and decided to cancel class & collect the papers on Thursday. Which is super awesome because I didn't have time (between SIE and Planetarium stuff) to work on it until Monday, and, well, yesterday I didn't really feel like writing at all. And I'm fortunately pretty awesome at saying some decent things for 10 pages when I'm in the mood, so why waste a day fighting it when I could realistically knock it out in 6 hours or less? Exactly. So during the class time today, instead of turning in my paper, I went to the planetarium for some more testing. I know it's now out of my hands (the event is Thursday!), but I still feel incredibly anxious and worried about indoor tornadoes and spontaneous combustion. So it's hard to focus and I still haven't finished my coffee, so I certainly can't start yet.
Anyway, all of this was to justify why I have been reading about rabbits all day. 
I'm sure you're aware, if you read my blog ever, that I have high hopes of one day owning a sheep named Beatrice. mostly so I could harvest her wool and make things (you know, it's an economic thing), but also because sheep are funny. But I also want a pet bunny. I had one as a kid and have wanted another ever since. I really considered getting one last year, but I knew that with school, I couldn't commit to cleaning its cage often enough. But guess what! Graduation is just around the corner (yikes?), which means I can have a pet rabbit and eat fresh vegetables, and give leftover vegetables to the rabbit!
I've been researching different breeds, and I definitely want a bigger one. They tend to live longer, plus aren't as fragile. I'd prefer one that's laid-back as opposed to cranky, and one that I can take for walks on a leash. Also, as part of my 10 year plan, I would like the have the rabbit taxidermied into a jackalope after it dies, because I think that would be hilarious, and I love jackalopes. So its ears must look nice with antlers. This brought me to Flemish Giants and Continental Giant rabbits. Flemish Giants can weigh about 20 pounds, and Continentals can be about 35 pounds, plus they're ears are beautiful! Of course, English Lops are always an option. They're only 10-14 pounds, and they are adorable! You'll recognize them as the rabbits with the super long ears (22" spans on average!). They just need enough space in their cage/hutch to hop around without stepping on their ears. However, they wouldn't look as nice with antlers.

Maybe I'll write my paper now. But if you feel like distracting me, please draw a picture of me with a rabbit of your choosing, or with a jackalope. I have long, tangled blonde hair and dark brown Buddy Holly glasses and wear a size 6 shoe. All drawings can be emailed to michaelalikescupcakes (at) gmail (dot) com and will be posted on this blog with your permission. And if I don't get any, I guess I'll have to take a break from writing and draw some myself.

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