Friday, February 24, 2012

The Planetarium Project: 360° of Sight + Sound

Last night, a version of my rotoscope, formatted for a dome, was shown at the planetarium at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, along with 4 other super HD animations by some very talented CIA artists. And the music, by 5 composers at CIM, was heard in super surround sound. The first VIP showing was packed with important people, and I wore a super snazzy 1950s dress, and we ate about 7 different kinds of cheese surrounded by scenes of taxidermied wildlife and an ever preserved Balto. I received such wonderful feedback on my piece, and everyone is so proud that we were able to bring together these 3 institutions to create something amazing.

The animations were all completely different, more so than we were expecting. Bill Garvey's vector based, Saul Bass inspired style of a Planequarium was so fitting for the museum. Tami Liss collaged videos she filmed of shadow puppets she created herself. Romero Smith moved the audience through a 3d space filled with abstract shapes and bright colors. This was followed by an inverted version of my rotoscope, with vintage imagery in glowing lines. The show concluded with kaleidoscopic scenes by Vanesa Jeric that encapsulated the entire dome. And aside from starfish in Bill's piece, no astronomy was present.

Composers, you guys are amazing. The Cleveland Institute of Music really is full of talent. Your diverse styles are what took our animations to the next level. I don't know how you do it.

Chris, thank you so much for creating such eerily beautiful music. I would have never asked for this style, but when you decided to structure it like a ballet, I knew something great would happen. When I first listened to it I was amazed. I didn't know how to make work to live up to the complexities throughout the music. I contemplated narrative possibilities for so long, determined to find a way to create subtle suspense without allowing it to become too heavy. The more I listened to the music, the more I loved it. It has added so much to my piece, and I am forever grateful. And now there is a whole new style of music for me to consider when I need my next piece scored.

The Composers
Jesse Limbacher
Fabio Pires
Matt Smith
Lucas Strakowski
Chris Zajac

The Directors
Amanda Almon, CIA
Jason Davis, CMNH
Keith Fitch, CIM
Kasumi, CIA
Steve Kohn, CIM

And in case you were curious, here are a couple of articles about the show.

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