Sunday, February 26, 2012

Their Ghosts Remain Between The Pages.

Here it is.

The footage I shot in one day. The frames I drew in 10 days. The frames I photographed for 17 hours. The 24 pads of tracing paper I received for my birthday and Christmas. The two complete sets of Micron pens I ran dry. The reason my hands and wrists were swollen. The breakthrough.

This is about Joanna Simmons, and her highschool sweetheart, Thomas Barnes. About the notes they hid in each others books, and the books she ended up writing. It's about their time together and their time apart.

It's about ghosts. About lingering pasts manifested in forms of nostalgia.

I like where this is going. I have received so much praise for this piece, by people I honestly respect, whose opinions I value so highly. This piece was accepted into the 66th annual Student Independent Exhibition, where the jurors indicated that it be in the video room alone. That alone was a big deal. And then it went on to win the Hal & Cyndy Goodwin Grand Prize Award. I honestly still feel a bit numb, like it hasn't really sunk in entirely. All of the sudden, I have this amazing piece, the result of endless hours and endless coffees, and I'm proud of it, and it's getting amazing feedback. I almost don't know how it happened.

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