Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Golden Ponies & Floral Print Fabrics

It's a great day in Megastudio, and I've been as productive as I possibly can. Tomorrow, the SIE (Student Independent Exhibition) jurors arrive, and I get to escort Brent Green, my favorite animator, to studio visits with students. And of course I signed up for a visit, too! I met Brent a little over a year ago, when he came to CIA to show his feature length stop motion film Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then at the Cinematheque. He has given me endless inspiration, from honest statements at that last studio visit, and from his incredibly beautiful stories he animates.
The other jurors are Ben Grasso, a graduate of CIA who makes incredible paintings, and ceramicist Stephanie Craig, who features woodland creatures in her work! I'm really excited for the show--and almost too excited to do real work! So in between outlining my thesis paper and thinking about my next rotoscope (I want to do another because I'm insane?), I've painted some horses gold and start sewing something marvelous.

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