Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sleep is not for the week.

Here I am, at the library, not sleeping, until it is time to go to class in the morning. Midterms are this week, which means I have a lot to do. And it means that in just a few days, I'll take a much deserved break to visit someone who deserves many kisses. And it also means that I have half a semester left of college. I mean, until I decide to go get my MFA.
Today, I looked at books about William Kentridge and John Baldessari and Kara Walker and Christian Boltanski. I worked on my thesis paper some more. I sketched out more pages for my handmade book project, and made a mock-up. And I did some more silkscreening. The above pattern, which I made for Joanna Simmons, is actually monochromatic in blue tints, and depending on how my extender-heavy printing looks in the morning, I may have to resort to dye-printing, which is much more of an inconvenience. We'll see.
This pattern was made for Nellie Lockhart, but more about her later.

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