Friday, June 15, 2012

The Return of Golden Cats

I've been keeping my hands busy making lots of things lately. Like a whole bunch of new merit badges. And after sewing the up, photographing, and packaging them yesterday, I finally updated my Etsy shop, Golden Cat Studios.
I wanted to put everything up at once. It gave me motivation to work faster and make more. And the satisfaction is much greater when you have 40+ items in your shop. Plus, I wanted to redo the design for everything based on what I had done for CIA's Student Holiday Sale in December, since I liked the way it looked much better. Everything was cohesive. So I redid all the labels, all the branding, everything. And took new pictures.

I also realized that there's a forest in my backyard now. Well, ok, behind my backyard, across the street, and down a path of wildflowers, there's a forest. But it's pretty much my backyard. So I took my dreamcatchers and hung them up in the trees and snapped a few photos. It was fun, minus the mosquitos. We've had quite a few days of non-stop rain, so there were some swampy areas for sure along the trail. Long pants and long sleeve shirts only deter so many before they attack your face. Anyway, click any of the pictures, or click HERE to check out my shop!

What you'll find:

  • Almost a dozen dreamcatchers with embroidered fabric feathers
  • A dozen and a half one of a kind merit badges
  • A few handmade sketchbooks
  • The Official Whimsy Scout Handbook
  • Pocket Friends Galore
  • Marvelous things everywhere
So get shopping! Buy things so I can buy glitter!

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