Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sketchbooks, Part 9

The home stretch. Not quite done, but close enough to dream about mixtapes and bunnies and oceans and pen pals. Ideas were coming together, and I was too exhausted to be stressed.
I wrote my thesis research paper in an afternoon. It was easy once I organized my ideas. And it aided in my concepts to understand the history thoroughly. And it was fresh in my mind for my defense.
 However, better understanding things led me to talk about them differently. And I wasn't sure how I felt. Clearly, I was lying when I thought I figured it out.
 I always went back to breaking down my ideas and asking myself questions.
 And I went back to the stories. I had (have) them memorized. And I also started looking into different writers. e.e. cummings is a favorite of mine. His words make more sense than those that actually make sense. Make sense? It's ok. He knew his writing was confusing.
 Since everything was about the story, the narrative aspect to everything became that much more important. So I decided to structure everything in such a way to reference stories and books and writing and words. My statement was a Prologue. My proposal book was a Chapter Book. (Quote by Ernest Hemmingway. Sometimes I love things he said. Sometimes he bored me.)
 And since I was working with photographs from the 1920s-1950s, I researched writers from those time periods. J.D. Salinger became a big influence, especially since he was influenced by the brilliant F. Scott Fitzgerald, who fit into my time frame. But Salinger's writing structure was closer to my own.
 Fun fact: jackalopes like whiskey. Sometimes I doodle in class, completely unrelated to everything else. But it's rare. Also, I ate a bagel for lunch.
 Sometimes I'm dramatic. Especially after the third allnighter in a week.
 At that point, I do anything I can to keep myself awake and functioning during final critiques.
 Like give myself awards for anything I can. I definitely earned this one.
After this, I started a smaller, single signature sketchbook, dedicated to preparing for my BFA defense. It's pretty boring, but maybe I'll show you a page or two. But for now, that's it.

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