Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sketchbooks, Part 7

I think most of these things were on almost every To Do list I made until BFA week. There's always more to do. 
Like Whimsy Scouts... I didn't finish the handbook until finals week (I'll share more about it soon!). And my website... I didn't finish that until BFA week. 
 Sometimes, blank space is necessary between ideas. That way, you can go back in and add more. Sometimes, charts are necessary to remind you that you caffeine addiction is probably unhealthy.
Whimsy Scouts became a nice break from the rest of my ideas. Jackalopes began popping up on every other page.

Who knew this was important? While working with narratives for my rotoscopes and tapestries, I decided to write a paragraph about each person. Character development, if you will. And so I just wrote, knowing that I would limit myself to working with only the ideas in that paragraph. So I wrote, without thinking, only knowing, instinctually, what the story outside the frame would be.
 Nellie's story was basic when I wrote the first sentence here. But then everything came together.
 Gregory's story was fuzzy to me. I had the essentials, but the details didn't come together for awhile longer. I just wrote here, and ended up changing things later. Small things.
 Poor Frank, his story was never told. But that's part of working with installations--you work with the space, and my space allotted for 3 tapestries, not 4. So Frank and his pies will have to wait.
Did you read Nellie's story? Because in order to rotoscope her, I needed to film someone cutting their hair. Guess who that someone was...

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