Monday, July 23, 2012

One day we'll all be ghosts.

This weekend, Nicholas and I went camping in the mountains. We traveled by highway through South Carolina and into the Pisgah Forest of North Carolina. Via motorcycle. I'm still a bit sore (taking highways instead of interstates adds a few hours to the trip), but the weather was wonderful, and the wildflowers were beautiful. We hit a bit of rain on the way back, with lightning in the distance, but the wind was nice, and we passed the storm in a few minutes.

I only took my Pentax, and until I finish off the roll and send it away to be developed, I don't have any pictures. And I think I prefer it that way. But I do have this photo to share with you. We stopped in Brevard, which has some adorable little shops, and plenty of antique stores. So Nicholas was nice enough to park and let me stretch, and then ask if I wanted to explore the antique mall. Granted, after I found the stash of old photos and started going through them one by one, he was ready to leave. Still, I walked away with 7 (and it was hard to pick only 7) photos and ideas for animations, embroideries, and more. I don't pick very many color photos, but I love this one of a couple in the mountains. I mean, this guy, he is prepared. Check out those binoculars! And they're wearing their Sunday best! (At least better than what I wore to church while camping.)

I have fresh ideas for today, and a hankering for some coffee. So I think I'll turn on The Head & The Heart (one of my favorite bands to listen to while making art, or anytime really), clear my desk, sort through embroidery floss, and get to work.

(And of course, "Ghosts" would be my favorite song by them. But you have to admit it's catchy.)

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