Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scouting Inspiration, Part 1

So where did this merit badge obsession come from?

  1. I was a girl scout, on and off, for a few years. I wasn't exactly in the best troop in my area (you know, the one that always went camping and did awesome crafts). But I was in the one that gave you merit badges for waking up in the morning. Basically. I had plenty of merit badges I didn't earn, at least I don't remember earning, but man, was my vest beautiful. I think my fascination with awards stems from this, and the ubiquitous trophies of the t-ball generation.
  2. Awards. Duh. They're hilarious. They show how awesome you are. Or they show how awesome you want to be, for those of us who didn't earn our badges.
  3. Last summer I found a beautiful 1967 edition of the Girl Scout Handbook in an antique mall in South Carolina. And somewhere between Charleston and Cleveland, it disappeared. I'm convinced airport security stole it. Especially considering I tore through everything I owned--every single storage container--at least three times, plus moved out and again went through everything, and could not find it. And trust me, when I was working on the Whimsy Scout Handbook, I sure missed that thing. And it's nowhere to be seen in Charleston, either. I suppose I could buy a new one, but that one had a name written in pencil and notes for each merit badge. And I love that kind of thing. So I decided I would try to earn each of the merit badges that summer. Until it went missing. Bummer.

Anyway. I frequently browse the interwebz and local flea markets for more vintage scouting goodness. On my most recent trip to North Carolina, I found, in the upper floor of a beautiful antique mall, a collection of girl scout magazines from the 50s and 60s, or so it seemed. Nicholas wouldn't let me get a good look (probably because I would have bought them all). But that aesthetic--old fashioned outdoors--is something that greatly influences all things Whimsy Scouts. You know, scouting before there were badges for video games and iPhones or whatever you kids earn nowadays.

Today I thought I'd share some vintage promotional photos of Girl Scouts in uniforms I'm still envious of. And when you too are jealous, just remember you can head over to my shop and buy a one of a kind Whimsy Scout badge that just might be better than these beauties. As always, click the photos for the source. Oh, and the first few images are from a calendar celebrating 50 years of Girl Scouts...and this year, they're 100 years old!

A Girl Scout band, featuring an accordion. Doesn't get much better than this.

LOVE these uniforms! Like I said, I should've been born in 1936.

These might be my absolute favorite uniforms.

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