Friday, July 6, 2012

Recent Accomplishments

So here's how this phase started. Actually, I think it started with a great work of art made by my best friend (who is currently chilling with Big Foot somewhere in the Pacific Northwest), Debbie Christensen. And this art was so good that I decided it deserved a ribbon. And of course my opinion matters. So I made Debbie an award ribbon. Out of construction paper and her Elmer's glue that I borrowed for about two weeks. Shortly after that, I made her another, constructed entirely out of blue painter's tape. And then another on a Post-It, so she could stick it to any of her arts, because they were all that good. Soon there were awards all over Megastudio, and even a poster-sized one hanging in our window, visible from the parking lot, and one on our door, for passersby to admire. Megastudio was, after all, the best studio ever.
Sometime in February or March (that last semester is one stressful blur), I made a nice little coptic-bound sketchbook with this awesome recycled paper that took very nicely to Micron pens. And I decided the best thing to draw on that first page would be an award. And this was it.
And then I drew some more awards, scanned them, and took them into Photoshop to add some pizazz. Because I had so much time to make awards. (LIES.)  
But I made awards anyway, because they could be for absolutely anything I wanted, and I thought that was funny. I mean, who decides what is award worthy? Why can't I be that person? So I am.

And everyday, in between classes, or when I needed to shut my brain down, I would draw an award that reflected the day so far.  

And so here are a few of what I ended up with. But I think I made about 30 before BFA. And I still draw them occasionally.

And that's because I've been cutting them out of paper. I made a few like this, and cut words out of the center, for Debbie during the spring. But now I've just been making them to make them. Or that's how it started. 
So after cutting out a whole bunch, I remembered I owed some special people some thank you notes. A whole bunch of special people.
So then I went to my trusty Kraft paper and made myself some awesome thank you cards to let people know that they're the best. 
And then I had more cards than people to thank. So I just started writing letters to good people. 
 And then I cut out some more awards this week. You know, while watching Grey's Anatomy. So I decided I should give some awards out.
And that's what I've been doing today. Coming up with awards that are deserved. And, you know, writing to my wonderful pen pals and making lovely things for lovely people. And this is why my life is awesome.

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