Thursday, July 5, 2012

Etsy by the Numbers

I saw this infographic today on Tabitha Emma's blog, and I thought it was really cool to see it broken down so many ways. Like, did you know that Etsy is the most pinned site on Pinterest? Or that handmade craft shops can make $25K a year, and jewelers can make $100K, all on Etsy?! And in just one year (2010-2011), Etsy sales have increased by 71% (take that, economy)! I still consider my shop fairly new since I only had time recently to devote to it, but here's hoping that one day merit badges and dreamcatchers can fund short films and animations.

Etsy MBA
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  1. - That Etsy shops can make enough money for their owners to live on is reassuring. Even though in my opinion, over a certain amount, it is better to open your own website. It reduces losses in fees etc. and you don't want your 100K to disappear because Etsy made a change.
    - On the other hand I find the comparison chart between Etsy and Ebay worrisome. My Ebay account is practically inert, dead, useless. Will my Etsy shop follow ?

    1. Hi Glaudius! I agree that it may be better to open your own website shop to save on fees. But the way I see it, Etsy helps your shop get more attention. There's a real community there, where people can favorite items or add them to treasuries, and even share an item to Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter with the click of a button. However, if your business is well established, or you're willing to advertise elsewhere, your own site may be the way to go. I'm personally very optimistic about Etsy, and handmade in general. It seems to me that the interest in handmade goods is growing. Let's hope!


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