Monday, July 2, 2012

Goals Or Whatever.

You may recall that throughout my sketchbooks, I often had lists of goals. Some were for that day. Some were through graduation. Some took the form of calendars. Some were silly. And some were longer term. And since I've been in South Carolina for over a month, impatiently searching for a job to keep me busy/fund my art, I figured this might be a good time to review them.
I wrote this maybe around early March. You know, because we were supposed to be thinking about the future. But I'm not really worried about money (being rich has never been a goal of mine). I'm more worried about fitting in all the adventures I can. So how am I doing? I typically drink one coffee a day, on average (sometimes 2, sometimes 0, which is a mistake). I love Nicholas very much, enough to move across the country for him. I'm just about always cheerful, if I do say so myself, and I've even earned a [Pabst] Blue Ribbon or two (sorry, Dad, but it's cheap and I'm on a budget). I've started sewing a few skirts and dresses, but I tend to get distracted. Maybe I'll finish those this week. They aren't necessary sewn well, though. Just enough to keep me clothed. Oh, and I still have a dumb phone.
This list was more for after school in general. What was important to me. I wrote this in April, after my ideas were coming together and animations were rendered. What a great feeling. And everyday I make it a point to sit on the porch and embroider a little bit (which might only be for short amounts of time this week, since it's beyond ridiculously hot). I walk on trails and pick wildflowers and breathe fresh air whenever I can. I definitely drink less coffee, but I crave it the same. I sleep plenty, but feel best rested the days I sleep 6 hours or less. I have plenty to laugh about (and a boyfriend to laugh at with). I don't have a regular job just yet, but I've sold some marvelous things on Etsy, and I'm looking into local craft fairs. I have a few pen pals in line, and just bought some stamps yesterday. I use string almost everyday, and still leave trails of embroidery floss behind me. I've started learning how to drive, though it still terrifies me. But with goals entailing cross-country road trips for the sake of art, I'll tough it up and idle around the neighborhood from time to time. I read Wikipedia everyday as always, but I'd like to get a real volume in book form and read it from cover to cover. I've written some letters and lots of thank you notes, but haven't mailed anything to Bob Dylan just yet. I've listened to records and started making a mixtape for Debbie, thanks to Brian finding his old tape recorder. Oh, and there's glitter all over my desk right now.

Not too shabby.

And yes, I'm definitely happy.


  1. Hey Michaela,
    You write so beautifully, I enjoy reading your blog!! You are so inspirational I wish I was as happy as you are!! So cute! Your tape recorder is very special and has recorded some very special messages, I'm so glad you using it for mixed tapes, I have some of my own still from back in the day! I'm inspired to make some goals for myself! I used to have to mini lop rabbits their names were Sweetie and Rainey! I'll have to send you some pics.
    Take care,

  2. Hey Carolyn! I'm glad you like my blog! I'm so excited to make mixtapes, and to one day have a bunny or two... Oh, and Brian said if you move here, we can for sure get a bunny! But in the mean time, I would love to see pictures of your rabbits--they sound so cute!


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