Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet Fergie

Her full name is Fergalicious Pocahontas Debbie "The Ferg" Lynch. Named after awesome people. She wandered into Nick's parents' backyard yesterday and needed a home. And I'm usually allergic to cats, so Nicholas & I figured we'd just go look and see if we could keep her at The Shack (what Brian dubbed his house). She walked right up to me and I was hooked (and my face surprisingly wasn't swollen). So we put her in the cat carrier (that's been sitting in the back of Nicholas's jeep--wishful thinking, I guess), stopped at the store for some food & flea bath, and took her to her new home. Brian came home, and despite being skeptical while on the phone with Nicholas, he warmed up to her. I had some great name ideas. For awhile, I was set on Pocahontas. Then I thought Debbie would be perfect, after my best friend who always tries to get pets named after her. But I figured it might get confusing to keep saying "Debbie the Cat" and "Debbie the Person." In the end, I called her Fergie and she came running. And Brian said he could live with that, if he could call her The Ferg. Nicholas calls her Fergie, though, and I think that's cute. Plus, now I get to spend my days hanging out with Fergie. How many people can say that?

Also yesterday, after getting Fergie settled in for the night, Nicholas & I were standing in the living room when some neighborhood kids egged the house. Brian took off running and eventually caught one of them. And called the cops. (BUSTED.) Which was fairly funny. See that, kids? Don't mess with The Shack.

Ps. Fergie just climbed onto my laptop and typed this: "f2111oloololoi-l'211111111111177=--------------------------------[". Do you see all those "lol"s in there? She's a lol cat!


  1. Awww...she's so cute! I want another cat, now...And when did you move down south?

  2. I think you should christen her so that she'd have an actual specific name! Grammahoney

  3. Haha, I should christen her! And Christina, I moved here at the end of May, right after graduation. I love it, though I don't love the cockroaches.


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