Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guessing Game

Welcome to the boring life of adulthood: the stage between graduating art school, and getting a sheep. I think that will make the difference. I'm finally officially employed with super great art hours (12 hour shifts, which means many days off, or possibilities for a second job) and start Monday. Until then, I've been mailing out some recent Etsy orders, designing awards for everyone, and sketching some ideas for sticker sets. Yesterday I read a fantastic book which, a) is based around vintage vernacular photographs, b) so yes, it has pictures, and c) is soon to be turned into a movie directed by Tim Burton, who, honestly, is probably the perfect person for the job. But maybe I'll share more about that later.

I've also taken on the meticulous task of cleaning out my bookmarks on Safari. Holy cow, do I have a lot. There are just so many good arts I want to remember! And despite being invited early on when it was in its beta stages or whatever, I have refused to sign up for Pinterest because, well, I already made a Tumblr that I was obsessive about keeping super clean and organized to keep track of all my favorite images or whatever. But that's tedious. So I went over to the dark side Pinterest and have since been clearing out things that half the time, I'm not sure why I wanted to go back to them.

Anyhoodles, this is a nice thing you might think is nice. Iconic Painters to Guess, by Re:Design features clean vector images and hints to artists everyone should know. Here are some of the images, but if you need help with the answers, head over to their website and highlight the white text underneath each design.

And if you think these are swell, or if you like tv more than art (?), then check out their Iconic Tv Shows to Guess.

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