Friday, July 22, 2011

I wish sock hops were still a thing, with the same music they played when they were.

Yesterday, Kristen and I went thrifting before work, and while I had really good luck (vintage lace, some Disneyland records for my collection, hilarious cross stitch patterns, and another version of the Alice novels for my collection, all for under $6), I was a little bummed when I left. Why? Because while browsing their wonderful vinyl selection (maybe not wonderful, but there are definitely some treasures), I came across a Dion album! Why would this depress me? Because Dion & the Belmonts are probably in my Top 8 favorite musical artists ever, so naturally, seeing this record for just 25 cents caused me to be overly excited (and loud). That is, until I looked inside to check for scratches, and found a Johnny Mathis album instead.
Way to get my hopes up, Dion.

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