Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Linear & Traditional Rotoscopes & Christopher Walken

As long as I'm sitting here waiting for my frames to print, I figured I'd share some more videos with you. These are some nice rotoscopes that are more traditional and linear. (You'll see the other end of the spectrum later.)

This one from Spite Your Face on Vimeo is pretty traditional. I love the way the lines move, and there are a couple pops of color used nicely.

This segment of an animation by Kat Clark is hand drawn with pencil and fairly realistic, including rough shading. I think it's beautiful.

This one, the Official Music Video of "Grrr" by Andy Palmer from Christian G. Marra is beautiful! I love that you can often see the frame of the paper. The shading technique really works with the motion, and that opening scene with the landscape is done so well. And the animation of the sea... I have so many favorite parts.

I had to include this one by Yas-no on Vimeo... that's Christopher Walken, in case you don't remember the video! Still rather traditional (and for the record, by traditional, I mean staying fairly close to the original), this one utilizes watercolors, which, because of their nature, seem to fluctuate a bit in hue each frame. Lovely!

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